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Photo of Booths
The lab is equipped with two double-walled sound booths, each with custom benchtops, and enough space to seat two listeners comfortably. The headphones and button boxes at each experimental station are controlled by rack-mounted Tucker Davis Technologies hybrid (system II & 3) systems. The racks also contain various calibration and measurement equipment, including two Photo of Listening Station digital storage oscilloscopes, two digital spectrum analyzers, and various other eqipment, including programmable attenuators and filters. A precision digital sound level meter with headphone coupler is also available, as well as an audiometer.

Each TDT rack system is controlled by a pc running custom software written for the Matlab environment. The software provides programmatic control over stimulus generation and presentation, feedback, and data collection and real-time analysis. Each pc/rack system can independently control the two stations in each corresponding booth, meaning a total of four listeners can be run concurrently.

There is an additional pc equipped with a high-quality sound card located just outside one of the booths. A keyboard, mouse, monitor, and headphone connection inside the booth provide a suitable environment for pilot listening.